If you must SURRENDER your pet

Unfortunately rabbits are very often dumped by their owners soon after they reach maturity. Commonly the owners have become overwhelmed by their rabbits destructive habits (chewing, peeing, bad litter box habits, digging, etc) and have no idea what to do. In most cases this behavior is 100% correctable!! When rabbits reach maturity (about 4 to 6 months) their hormones start to kick in, much like happens to human teenagers. Having your rabbit spayed or neutered is the easiest way to help bring about better behavior. In addition to behavior, neutered rabbits will live longer, avoid pyometra and ovarian or testicular cancer, and can be bonded to another rabbit once both are spayed or neutered.

Hop-A-Long Hollow works with all area animal shelters to help care for bunnies, and as such, we simply do not have the resources to accept surrendered bunnies. We are 100% willing to help provide education to bunny owners looking to correct bad behavior and create a great life for you and your rabbit. We can help you find a good vet to do that spay/neuter, provide tips on how to set-up your home for rabbits and you can even schedule a time to stop by the Hop A Long Hollow with your rabbit where you can talk with us about any of your concerns. While we offer this for free, we would appreciate any type of donation you can provide for our time, even if you can only bring a case of 39 gallon garbage bags, every little bit helps.

If your rabbits are neutered or spayed and are well behaved, but you simply cannot care for them anymore, we can assist in “re-homing” your rabbits (finding an adoptive home for them). We can place your rabbit on our petfinder list, and once a good home is found we will refer the prospective adopters directly to you for the adoption. This service requires that you foster your rabbits (in your home) until a home can be found.  
If you would like us to list your rabbit on Petfinder.com please email 3 cute, clear photographs.  Photos are important as a eye catching photograph can get your bunny adopted quickly! Provide a description of your rabbit.  Is he neutered? Has he any special needs? Is he used to cats, dogs or kids?  Did he live indoor or outdoor? How old is he? Are there any heath issues? What town is your bunny located in? Last,  please give us a phone number for potential adopters to reach you. Please email all this information along with photos to hopalonghollow@aol.com

We can’t stress this last fact enough!  While domesticated rabbits may look similar to wild rabbits, they DO NOT have the skills to survive on their own in the wild. If rabbits are abandoned outside they will be killed by a predator, run-over by a car or worse, starve to death. Please, DO NOT release rabbits into the wild. It is illegal, immoral and cruel.